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A bit more about me

November 20, 2009

Before talking about more technical stuff, i’m just going to complete a little bit my portfolio in here.

So over the last years, I worked on a lot of things including:

Generic Game Core Engineer on the Nintendo DS platform for Sarbakan.

I also worked there on some DS titles (some released and some not) plus some PC and Console games , with a quite a few different framework.

After that I went to Frima Studio , acting as a lead programmer on Flash/Java environment for a big AI project in partnership with a University.

I was doing a bridge between a team working at the university, and a team working at frima, making sure everything was going to be build the way it should.

My next task was to work in the MMO engine team. Since then,  I became the lead programmer of that team, mostly working with  Flash AS3 (client) and Java (server).

While working on that core, we released a few MMO including:

Build A Bear VilleLPSO / some others

So there I am, looking for more discussions and learning coming from the outside world.

Enjoy the blog!

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  1. Vous utilisez quoi coté backend pour votre MMO ?

    SmartFoxServer ?

    • I won’t talk about specific implementation or what technologie Frima is using.
      I try to keep this blog as far away as possible from Frima and I dont want to cause conflicts in any way.
      Sorry for not helping you on this.
      If you are interested on the subject, you can contact the Frima CTO.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. ccdtap Wish I could come up with posts that cool.

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