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“Adobe Gaming Summit” Post-mortem

August 7, 2012

I was a speaker at this summit both as the owner of TheMiner, and a R&D Architect at Frima studio, and I wanted to talk to you a bit about what was the event, and what (as a developer) I learned there.

But first, you should read the blog post by Thibault to get details about what Adobe learned from the summit (Read This)

This summit was a really good mix between
Speaker: Giving their short/mid/long term feature requests, giving bug report and commenting on better pipe-line  solutions
Adobe: Reveling and explaining lot’s of “What’s next” in the form of a mini “Adobe Max Sneak Peaks”

Did you ever attend an Adobe Max Conference Sneak peaks? Pretty cool.

So let’s just follow Thibault post structure:
And I know it’s going to be so disappointing for all you guys…. but here it is!

1. The workflow

  • What if you could gain time… lot’s of it..
  • What if you could integrate in better ways to your “full pipe-line”…
  • What if you artist could stop complaining? (lol)

2. Performance

  • What if your compile time would reduce a lot…
  • I’m sure you know how many blogs talk about little as3 optimization to make code run faster.
    • What if they would become… all… obsolete…
    • What if the only performance boost you will get could be from better algorithm?
    • What if you could completely trust who’s making the update?

3. Perception

  • What if you could really think “Flash is far from dead”
  • What if would you’d expect to present to 3 Adobe senior engineer, and you would get 100 engineers in an auditorium, and a whole lot more online in an internal event streaming to all the Adobe employees that can make what’s coming next.
  • What if my own skepticism was yelling: “Fuck, they are really serious about this…”

4. Project “Monocle” (As the owner of TheMiner)

  • What if the tools they are making could compete to what’s best of other technology?
  • What if you could “trust” the data that is being outputted?
  • What if the next version of the VM would be built with a lot of telemetry from the scratch?


5. Post-Mortem

I guess the most important thing here is commitment.

I worked on flash project and R&D for a very long time now. And all the sudden, they just want to raise that bar to a level you would not expect.

This is a very exiting time for me as, suddenly, I feel like I’m being a key role in what “has been” flash gaming in the past, and certainly in what’s “will be” flash in the future.

I won’t talk about other technology here, but I am now 100% confident that this blog is not soon to be dead.

And if clients come-up and ask “what technology should we use”,  I’ll be more than ever happy to answer.


5. Frima Icefield 3D – World Editor Trailer

This is a video made from a couple thing we showed there. (it’s available in 720p)
*please, do not blink your eyes, and crank-up your speaker!*



Thanks for reading, and I hope this all make you really happy.

I just want to give a special thanks to Thibault and the other Adobe folks who made this all possible.


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  1. John Doe permalink

    Quite ironic to write ‘I am now 100% confident that this blog is not soon to be dead’ into last post on this marvellous blog. We want more 🙂

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