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Hi! I’m Jean-Philippe Auclair and I live in Quebec, QC, Canada.

I finally  decided to create my own blog!

I was reading Mike Chambers and GSkinner blog, and i wanted to post some feedbacks and experiments i did after the Proximity contest of Mike.

And there i was with no way of communicating my ideas,  except by commenting on what they had to say.

So for now on, i’ve got my own thing!

If you wish to know a bit more about me, you can find my profile on Linkedin

I’m working at a compagny named Frima Studio, we are mostly making MMO for kids, but also all sort of other games.

My job at frima is the  Lead Programmer MMO R&D.

What does that mean? I’m making sure everything is optimized and generic in the core of our MMO games.

Over the last years, I worked on a lot of things including:

– Generic Game Core Engineer on the Nintendo DS platform for Sarbakan.

I also worked there on some DS titles (some released and some not!) plus some PC and Console games , with quite a few different framework.

After that I went to Frima Studio , acting as a lead programmer on Flash/Java environment for a big AI project in partnership with University Laval.

I was doing a bridge between a team working at the university, and a team working at frima, making sure everything was going to be build the way it should.

My next task was to work in the MMO engine team. Since then, I became the lead programmer of that team, mostly working with Flash AS3 (client) and Java (server).

While working on that core, we released a few MMO including:

Build A Bear Ville / LPSO / and many others

So there I am, looking for more discussions and learning coming from the outside world.

Enjoy the blog!

  1. Calvin permalink

    Hi Jean-Philippe.

    FlashPreloadProfiler seams like a fantastic product and a great alternative to the expensive Flex Profiler. Great work! However, I have tried both the swc and swf versions and neither work for me. The menu shows up in Flash with my application but when I press on the buttons nothing happens. Perhaps the screens are invisible, but there is no right-hand menu to change the transparency. I have followed all the guidelines on the web site but to no avail.

    When I tried the swf version I set the HookClass to the main display. Again, nothing happened when I pressed any of the buttons on the toolbar.

    Please advise, as we would love to use this tool.

    Many thanks,


  2. roman permalink

    FlashPreload Profiler is displayed but hothing happens. I´m using swc integration

  3. Arby permalink

    Trying to use the SWC doesn’t work (I don’t use Flex). I dropped SWC file in the components folder. Set the Library path in my FLA. Test movie reports:

    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable FlashPreloadProfiler is not defined.

    I’m using your own code recommended above:
    this.stage.addChild(new FlashPreloadProfiler());

    Can you contact me?

    h o t m# a i l

    remove the # and spaces above to reconstruct the email

    • The problem is not the code. It’s the Linking in Flash IDE. Make sure your project load the SWC in it’s library.

  4. jackson permalink

    Hi ,Jean-Philippe.
    I am jackson from China.I have use your tool about “FlashPreloadProfiler ” fortunately, while studying on efficiency debugging. I have already got some knowledge about the class “Sample”, but still have some problems. Could you please help me with my problems about “Sample”.
    1. What’s the difference between “Sample”, “NewObjectSample” and “DeleteObjectSample” please?

    2. I have noticed that the two class NewObjectSample and DeleteObjectSample are both “represents objects that are created within a getSamples() stream”, why both “create” here

    3. What’s “Sample” actually mean please?

    4. What kind of time the “time” in “Sample” actually is? I have traced it in program but it seems not correct.

    Thank you very much for reading my email. I’m looking forward to get your email back soon.

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

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