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TheMiner aka FlashPreloadProfiler

After a huge upgrade, FlashPreloadProfiler has moved to a bigger entity and is now called TheMiner

TheMiner is the most complete set of tools to debug and profile Flash and Air applications. With a heuristical approach of problem detection, a simple and immersive interface, and many unique and innovative profilers. There are simply no other tools that can provide a deeper look into your application performances.

With more than 10 innovative profiler tools, The Miner is the most complete solution for optimizing Flash content. Using a lightweight immersive approach, this profiler can hook on anything made in flash, which let you profile and debug anytime, as needed.

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  1. Cloud Browse is an iOS app that allows you to access all of the web, including your favorite Flash and Java applications.

  2. Hi JP!

    Would you by anychance have a version of TheMiner that makes use of Arrays instead of Vectors?

    I’m dealing with a project that is specified to use the Flex 3.6 SDK and I believe it’s spitting back lots of Error 1046 because of the presence of Vector objects in your library.

    Just curious if you have an alternative for “older” content :)

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