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Be an affiliate Miner!

January 12, 2012

I just wanted to let you know that TheMiner remain 100% free for all non-commercial use, but if you like the product and you want to help promote TheMiner, you can become a sale affiliate very easily!
It’s simple as:
-Put TheMiner icon on your website.. or blog.. or forum.. car painting.. cat clothes..
-Earn money if people click and buy the PRO version of this awesome software.

I want to be a sale affiliate


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  1. There seem to be some swfs can’t preload Miner, and when I look into their codes, I find out that , they remove main swf from stage and add another one on it right after loaderInfo’s COMPLETE event. So when you recive allComplete event, the main app’s stage is null, and you can never get the stage any more.

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