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The king is dead. Long live the king!

December 12, 2011

The king is dead:

Yes.. today I have some bad new for you. One of the best flash performance analysis tool: FlashPreloadProfiler, is officialy dead. After a LOT of time developing this profiler for flash. I decided to kill the thing.

Long live the king!

YES! After this much effort, it would be too sad to drop everything. right?
Launching today, TheMiner is the new (FLash Profiling) solution that will take the place of FlashPreloadProfiler, but with a lot of optimization, innovation and new features!
TheMiner is dedicated to every single hard-working developer that are making the most out of what they have by analysing and improving flash application. Every hardcore developer should be proud to be a miner and has such, we decided to make it look like a hero worker.

You ARE TheMiner(s)

TheMiner is now part of another entity called Sociodox
The main website as also moved to a new address:


TheMiner is now free for any non-commercial use

cost a little something for commercial use.

Let’s give-away a couple COUPON for TheMiner Pro

  1. ” IAmTheFirstMiner ” : 75% off for the first 3 ppl to buy it!
  2. ” 0DayCoder ” : 20% off for the first 20 ppl to buy it!
  3. ” HappyBugFreeChristmas ” : 12% , Everyone deserve a christmas gift!
  4. ” ” : You love my blog? Have some percent.
  5. ” flashpreloadprofiler ” : For the good old time.

You are a blogger? You have a website? Talk about TheMiner or Link to it with TheMiner icons, send me the link and get 50% off!

History: from FlashPreloadProfiler to TheMiner

// Added:
// One frame Trace of all methods with arguments, file and line.
// DebugTexture to see stretch,smoothing, and color variation
// Minimize
// a QUIT button when profiler is minimed
// FPS and Mem in the top bar
// Screen Capture (save to file)
// Pause interface in Performance & Memory profiler
// Filter in Memory profiler
// Filter in Function profiler
// Filter in Loader profiler
// Filter for file errors in loaders
// Start Off (off by default)
// MouseListener sprites
// Usage reporting (Google Analytics)
// Interlaced DataDump feature
// Visual feedback in memorygraph showing GC time and weight (gray bar)
// GC indicator in Flash Statistics
// Auto-check update when opening configuration panel
// Low process when everything off
// Skin Loading / Saving
// Flash Player Version in Stats tab
// Added a "Already Collected" column to Memory dump
// Stage Resolution in FlashStats

// Fixed:
// wrong DataDump sampling recording status
// bad colors for invisible object in Overdraw
// bad opacity management of selection highlights
// bad priority of preloader (over anything on stage)
// bad instanciation for air project
// Config are save automaticly when changed
// Now using latest version of MonsterDebugger (v3.1)
// Loader copy text not always working
// Loader won't show url of stream/loader on error
// MonsterDebuggerIcon needed tooltip.
// multiple TheMiner classes instanciation inside reports.
// multiple TheMiner self sampling in dump

// Optimized:
// a LOT the main loop, now should be pretty smooth to record samples
// Huge Rendering optimization in overdraw graph
// Huge Rendering optimization in LifeCycle graph
// Icons management
// Made the bar and spacing a bit smaller


TheMiner has also been translated by the community in 8 languages:

English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese Traditional/Simplified

These ports are inside each build.


TheMiner also come with more support:

A dedicated user group, a whole website with FAQ, support, installation help and more.

14 complete tutorials on how to use most of the features

Are you a fan? Show your love!

If you were already using FlashPreloadProfiler and you liked it,
or if you now like TheMiner.
Show your love on your site or anywhere else with these icons:


TheMiner on Sociodox website

  1. FlashJonas permalink

    Great! =)

  2. FlashJonas permalink

    I have now purchased and downloaded your profiler.

    Thanks for all the amazing work you’ve put into this project over the years.
    I can only hope that the rest of the Flash community also pays for the Pro-version =)

    I am having problems with getting MonsterDebugger to connect with v1.3 pro though. Changed the configuration to allow MonsterDebugger it but the tooltip still says “Monster Debugger is not connected”.

    And for anyone looking for how to start of TheMiner (SWC version):

    in “” (your main MovieClip) type:

    this.addChild(new TheMiner(true))



  3. canab permalink

    It still have a bug with MouseListener profiler. It does not draw mouselisteners for children in container, if container.mouseEnabled=false (container.mouseChildren=true, so those objects receive mouse events).

    I was reporting it on flashpreloadprofiler.s googlecode project for

  4. Dimon permalink

    I already opened a ticket for that, but anyway… I tried it in mobile project on Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Miner buttons look very tiny and impossible to tap. Maybe adjust their size based on the stage DPI? And yes, it’s a great tool! Thanks!

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