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The only real Flash Builder Profiler alternative (and it’s free!)

September 12, 2010


(now in Beta) is an open source multi-purpose profiler designed to help productivity and stability during development by displaying under-the-hood data of any flash app.
The main goal is to help expose and diagnose problems before they get too big.

It enables developers, artists, designer and testers to see what sometimes “cannot be seen”, such as:

  • What is the current FPS and memory statistics and graph of a SWF
  • Where are all active MouseEvent listeners
  • What is the global scene overdraw
    • How many sprites are contained in the scene and how they overlap each others (including all “invisible” DisplayObject added as children)
  • What is the life cycle of all DisplayObjects on the Stage
    • Instanciation, AddedToStage, RemovedFromStage, Garbage Collection
  • Object instance statistics
  • Internal events frame division
  • Advantages (Over Flash Builder Profiler)

  • First, it’s free! So it costs $500 less than the Adobe profiler.
      If you like my work, you can donate at the bottom of this page
  • The profiler is very compact and don’t need any external tool. (under 80Ko!)
  • The data is showed in a transparent UI on top of the profiled application.
  • You have access to more profiling tools, such as:
    • Overdraw graph
      Mouse listeners graph
      Internal events time repartition
      Instanciation Statistics/StackTrace for all Objects (including Objects created and destroyed in a single frame, which FlashBuilder Profiler just can’t track)
      Save sampling “Data Dump” in the clipboard
      Can hook on ANY flash app, local or web, debug or release, yours or others.

    Take a look!

    Read more and try it!

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    1. Looks really helpful! I can’t wait to try it out…

    2. Really wonderful work! Now, do you think it would be feasible to create some kind of plugin architecture around this? It might be interesting for people to write their own types of visualisers and hook them into your profiler. Being extensible would be another advantage over the ZFlash Builder profiler 🙂



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